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Ray Official Trailer REACTION!! | Manoj Bajpayee | Ali Fazal | Kay Kay Menon | Netflix



HANOZ NAVDAR & SASI KUMAR, Aprajita Sharma And Kali

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  1. Whenever you guys gonna watch this series I am you guys ll end up talking about kk menon. He is hands down a great actor and later u guys ll start searching about him

  2. The music of this trailer is a 100% direct copy of the music of Marvel's original Black Widow issued in March 2020. If you guys missed that point, pls watch the Black Widow trailer. This movie might be great, but we have to call out for this blatant plagiarism. And on top of that, this is happening on a large platform like Netflix is really shameful.

  3. The way Korbin's face lights up when Manoj's character appears first time in trailer, I bet he is fanboying so hard and I have observed in other OSR videos too, well I guess who isn't enamored by Manoj's acting, screen presence.Aren't we all his fans? and the most lovely thing about Manoj apart from his acting is also how secure he is allowing other actors to shine through as well and even sometimes accepting smaller roles as well and praising his co-stars work which shows his faith in his craft(talk about insecurity among commercial bollywood actors and how they chop off others screen time in editing 😂)
    Also, the audience appreciation for him has only multiplied with the family man season 2.

  4. I'm surprised that both Rick and Korbin didn't notice or chose to ignore the blatant copy of the Marvel Black Widow trailer music!
    I guess copyright strikes are just for us mortals, not the gods at Netflix 😄

  5. Guys plss react to short film this reminds me of "Anukul" which is also based on Satyajeet Ray's story and directed by Sujoy Ghosh!!!

  6. Why ray was ray a great scriptwriter. His family legacy which perpetuated him to write globally relevant and nuanced short stories. You can literally visualise the stories in screen, as if he made it easier for the directors of future. Framing, makeup, set design, sound, costume his stories had everything ready to adapt. You have to read the stories

  7. Some additional info about #Ray anthology,

    Story – 1
    Name:- Spotlight
    Name of the original short story by Ray:- Spotlight
    Director:- Vasan Bala
    Lead Actor:- Harshvardhan Kapoor

    Story – 2
    Name:- Bahurupiya
    Name of the original short story by Ray:- Bahurupi
    Director:- Srijit Mukherji
    Lead Actors:- Kay Kay Menon, Bidita Bag

    Story – 3
    Name:- Hungama Kyon Hai Barpa
    Name of the original short story by Ray:- Barin Bhowmick er Byaram
    Director:- Abhishek Chaubey
    Lead Actors:- Manoj Bajpai, Gajraj Rao

    Story – 4
    Name:- Forget Me Not
    Name of the original short story by Ray:- Bipin Chowdhury er Smritibhrom
    Director:- Srijit Mukherji
    Lead Actors:- Ali Fazal, Shweta Basu Prasad

    As you can Srijit Mukherji has directed 2 out of the 4 stories. He is currently one of the best filmmakers from Bengal. He is a National Award winning filmmaker. I hope after this anthology Non-Bengalis will get to know about his brilliance.
    I want OSR to watch 3-4 of his films and then interview him. Start with his film "Nirbaak" ( It's also Sushmita Sen's first Bengali film and she did it for free)


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